Ugly Sales

Ugly Sales

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Occasionally we have parts that don’t meet our cosmetic standards.  Most people won’t notice the flaw, but we don’t feel like these parts should be sold without customer agreement. No parts will be sold here that are compromised mechanically, these are scratches, small dents, machining marks, poor anodizing, etc..   All of our products are made with pride in the USA…….even these.

If you are interested in one of these items, send us an email at and we can send an invoice and/or pictures of the flaw.

Description Part #  Regular Price Sale Price Qty
Scotts Submount Cable Guide 1012-0003  $22  $15  5
Stepped Pedal Pad, Angle Mount 2017+, Orange 1017-0014  $49  $32  1
Extended Pedal Pad, Orange 1017-0019  $34  $25  1
Far Pedal Pad 16 – Blue 1017-0030  $34  $25  1
Clean Speed T-shirt V1 – L 1018-0008  $20  $5  1
Clean Speed T-shirt V1 – XL 1018-0009  $20  $5  1

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